Which type of player are you ?

Answer the 9 following questions to find out which player is hiding in you.

Have you...


... already bet more than you can afford?


... needed to play large sums of money to reach a strong state of excitement?


... willing to return to play after losing a significant amount of money?


... borrowed money or sold your properties to return to play?


... already thought you might have a gambling issues?


... had alerts or warnings from your entourage about your gambling habits, regardless of your opinion?


... already had a feeling of guilt over your gambling habits or about what happens when you play?


... already had health issues (stress, anxiety) related to the game?


... had financial issues because of your gambling activities?

Please make sure all the questions are answered!

* This questionnaire was devised by Jackie Ferris and Harold Wynne in 2001.



- a gambler with no problem -

You enjoy gambling and gaming is a recreational activity.
Your gambling habits are in tune with your wellbeing.

- a gambler with low risk -

You’ve probably not encountered any negative consequences as a result of gambling.
For you, gambling is something to be enjoyed and you remain in control of your emotions, your budget and your time.

- a gambler with moderate risk -

If you’ve previously suffered negative consequences as a result of gambling, don’t let this become the norm. Talk to our casino staff, who can help you with finding the best ways to gamble better.

- a gambler with excessive risk -

You have suffered negative conse­quences as a result of your gambling and have lost control of your emotions and behavior. Enjoyment is fading away; you no longer gamble to have fun but to meet other needs. The games on offer in our casinos are exclusively for entertain­ment.


To be helped, informed or assisted,
tools are available to assist you:

By calling +33 9 74 75 13 13 (calls will not be charged at premium rate).
A listening ear and assistance 7 days a week from 8am to 2am.
By Email to the staff. jeuresponsable@sbm.mc